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Windows 7 Pricing Details Revealed

I know it’s a change of pace, but I’m not going to be writing about one of my normal topics I’ve been covering lately. I was browsing Google News today when I saw that the pricing information for Windows 7 had been released. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case early upgraders are in for a pleasant surprise.

Windows 7 is currently targeted for an October 22nd release date, so its coming up quicker than a lot of people have thought. With that in mind its important to realize what it will cost you to update so that your Windows PC can be temporarily cutting edge.

On October 22nd, the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade with cost you $199.99 and for the full package $199.99. The Windows 7 Pro upgrade will cost $199.99 with the full version costing $299.99. Finally, for those of you out that have to have Windows 7 with all the bells and whistles there is the Windows 7 Ultimate version. The upgrade retails for $219.99 and the full version will be a wallet killer at $319.99.

But, here’s the good news for early adopters. Starting tomorrow, Microsoft is running a short time promotion for early adopters that want to preorder Windows 7. If you go to your favorite retail site, like for example, you can preorder the Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional for $49.99 or $99.99 respectively. Not a bad deal if you want to jump on the Windows 7 train early. Keep in mind, Microsoft has stated this deal only runs from June 26 to July 11 of this year. At these upgrade prices I’m pretty sure I’ll be leaving Vista behind.


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