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Wizard World Philly – Pictures Part 3

Needless to say, while I was Wizard World, there were a lot of cool things to see.  One of the coolest things I saved to talk about in this post.  Eric Maruscak was at the con doing a chalk drawing of the Amazing Spider-Man #600 cover.  It was incredible to see how over the weekend the piece of art evolved into its final product on Sunday.  Honestly, it blew me away how amazing it all turned out.

My buddy and I got a chance to speak with Eric Friday late afternoon and he told us how a small child had wiped out across part of the water tower in the bottom left of the pictures.  Eric was working on cleaning it up then and by the next time I saw the Spidey piece you couldn’t even tell that someone had skidded across part of the picture.  I’m going to post the final chalk drawing side by side with the comic cover.  If you want to see the progression shots I took take a peek after the jump.  Also, to find out more about Eric’s work check out his site

Amazing Spider-Man #600 Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #600 Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #600 Chalk Art

Amazing Spider-Man #600 Chalk Art

The gallery showing the progression of the artwork is shown below.  Enjoy!


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