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Spider-Man Clone Saga… Again?

So Marvel has hinted for a while that Ben Reilly aka the Scarlet Spider, might be coming back to the Spider-Man books.  They’ve yet to give any definitive information until just recently.  Now word has gotten out from Marvel that Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1 hits stores this September.  This comic will be limited run of 6 issues.  It will be written by Tom Defalco and Howard Mackie, Mackie is famous for his original involvment with the Clone Sage in the 90s. The quote below is directly from Marvel’s web-site.

You’ve been asking for it…and now it’s here: THE CLONE SAGA!!! Marvel’s most controversial event of all time returns with a vengeance, presenting the Clone Saga as it was originally intended to be told! From the minds behind the crossover that changed comics forever and the artist that introduced Spider-Man to President Obama, it’s six issues of twists and turns that will shock fans old and new alike! Be here as Peter Parker’s worst nightmare begins again…now with an ending you have to see to believe!

I’m not sure what exactly the end result of this series is going to be.  Its confusing as to to whether this is a retelling of the original Clone Wars story that will fit into cannon, or whether this is basically one large What-If.  My big question is, does this mean that Ben Reilly will be back for good after all this is over?  Because, honestly he was the best thing to come out of the Clone Saga.  I’m cautiously optimistic for to see what comes out of this series.  At the very least, that art courtesy of looks pretty good.

Art from the Clone Saga Mini

Art from the Clone Saga Mini


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