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Wizard World Philly – Pictures Part 1

Well, this post is going to be the first of what I’m hoping is a few posts showing some of the really cool things I got to see at Wizard World in Philadelphia this weekend.  My apologies to out current leaders for the really single focused coverage on Wizard World and all the events coming out of there.  I promise that after a few days we’ll be shifting our focus onto some other things.  Stay tuned for updates to see whats coming.

Now on to the show.  Lots of pictures and some commentary follow after the jump.

As you all can probably tell this is the entryway to the show on the first floor.  First thing seen everyday coming into the show.

One of the first things I saw upon arriving at the show was a replice of the famoust KITT for Knight Rider.  As a kid who grew up on Knight Rider I was excited to say the least.  One of the coolest things about this replica was the fact that most of the original cast had signed the sunvisor on the driver’s side.

Also, the final major thing in this post is the original covers to the Watchman series.  These were out of a private collection and on display for part of the weekend.  Needless to say, it was really cool to see the original covers.

All the pictures in the gallery below can be expanded for a better view.  Take a look, there’s some really cool stuff.


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