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Wizard World Day 1

Wizard World Philadelphia Entry

Wizard World Philadelphia Entry


Well its the end of day 1 here in Philadelphia.  It’s been a pretty good day despite being late getting in due to traffic.  That being said the convention hall has been pretty cool to look around in.  This is my first con so I’ve been trying to just absorb everything around me.  There’s been a lot of books that I’ve added to my list to try and get.  Also, there has been some really cool props, statues, and busts that have been put up for sale.  Lots of cool stuff in that regard, but a bit more than I want to spend right now.  As the con goes on though, who knows.

After the panels closed for the day there was a sneak peak of Blood: The Last Vampire a movie based on an anime short from my understanding.  I’m going to give a brief review, so expect a little bit on the spoiler front.

The story is told mostly from the point of view of Saya a half-breed human and vampire hybrid who is about 400 years old.  On occasion the story shifts and makes a young high school girl named Alice the main character.  If you’re familiar with the NBC show Kings you might realize that Alice is played by Allison Miller who plays the part of Princess Michelle Benjamin on the show.  Honestly it might be a good indication of the quality of the movie when she was the only actor I recognized.  I think she does a phenomenal job on Kingsbut not so much in Blood.  (Quick sidenote, expect a post someday soon on Kingsand the absolute tragedy it is that NBC cancelled it.)

The movie is much like your typical B grade movie with a lot of violence and blood.  Its fun to watch but there’s really not much substance to the plot.  If you’ve seen the Underworld movies or Blade then you can pretty much guess how the movie goes until the very end.  In face there is one scene in the movie where Alice and Saya are attacked by a flying vampire on a mountainside in a big truck.  Its strangly similar to the same chase scene in Underworld Evolution.  Right after this the movie is very similar to Wanted as well.  The truck gets stuck between the edge of two cliffs where there is a large fight scene.

The narrative seems to fall apart at the end and to be honest I’m really confused as to how everything was resolved.  Specifically how Saya in effect disappears to her village that was destroyed over 400 years ago.  The violence and blood are fun but thats about all there is to the flick.  If you’re looking for mindless action this movie should satisfy you, however you’ll be a lot happier if you disregard the last 5 minutes of the movie.  They’re confusing as hell and really don’t help with overall understanding.

Well folks, thats it from day 1 at Wizard World.  I plan on doing short updates periodically though the day since the WordPress iPhone app seems to work fairly well on 3G.


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