Nerds of the Round Table

For all things good and nerdy

Welcome All!

Hello all, and welcome to the first post of this new blog.  Right now the staff is working on putting together everything and preparing articles to bring news about a variety of topics to our viewers.

One question that might be asked is why we chose the name Nerds of the Round Table for this blog.  Simply put this is going to be a blog where our authors can write about a variety of topics sometimes at a very indepth or nerdy level.  Where the round table comes into play is that on occasion entries will be written as a round table discussion where our authors can discuss as a group a variety of hot button topics.  More detail on this will be provided as the concept is fleshed out.

The contributors to this blog will have subjects to which they will be our expert.  The builk of their content is intended to be on this subject.  However they will be able to write on anything.  Our subject experts will be responsible for having one item for each subject to bring up during the Round Table posting session.

Currently we are seeking author for any subject.  There are a limited amount of content providers already in place.  However if you are interedted in joining the Round Table leave a comment below or send us an e-mail roundtablenerds0 at gmail or hit us on Twitter.  The Twitter name is on the right hand column of the page.


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